Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Complete and Utter Chaos

We have officially spent the first night in our new house.  And by that I mean we threw our mattress down on the floor in the middle of our room and called it good.

We had been slowly moving things to the new house over the course of a few weeks; totes, boxes, smaller items, but the big furniture items had been left behind until we could borrow a truck.  A good friend here in town said we could use his truck and trailer for free one night and all of a sudden moving got thrown into warp speed; free is my favorite price!

Joe rounded up a handful of his football players to do the manual labor part of it.  Let me tell you what...that was THE BEST thing ever.  I will never move any other way again.  Joe and I never lifted a finger!  Well, I did...to tell them where to put the couch :) It was a win-win for everyone...we got our furniture moved and the boys got out of weight room that day.

I also may or may not have lost an undergarment under the bed that one of them found when they took the bedroom furniture out...so double win for that freshman.

After the boys left I was pretty excited because I was certain we only had a few odds and ends left at the house...HAH, right.  I have come to the realization that we are awful packers.  Like Super Bowl XLVIII-Denver Broncos awful.  We got back to the house and there was stuff evverrrryyywheeerrre!

We spent the next 3 days moving the rest of the odds and ends.  It started out not so bad.  I carefully packed things into boxes according to where they would need to go in the house making sure to mark each box accordingly.  That lasted a whole 3 hours and then my inner 2 year old came out and all I wanted to do was throw myself on the floor and kick and scream and cry and have my mommy do it all for me.  The kicking and crying may have actually happened to some extent but having my mom come pack it all did not so I did the next best thing...started "packing" things in garbage bags.  I use the term 'packing' loosely here, "A pair of shoes, a coffee mug, and a hair brush? Yup, throw it in".

Eventually everything made it over to our house and we walked out of our little rental for the last time. *sniff sniff*  Even though that little place needs some serious TLC, it was still the place we started our married life in, so it holds a special place in my heart.  I'm also the girl that is was convinced stuffed animals have feelings so I have this odd connection with inanimate objects...weird, I'm well aware.  Joe is the complete opposite and drove away without looking back.

So now we're completely into our new place and everything is exactly how I imagined it in my head and is all put away and everything has it's own spot and it's all so organized and......NOT!

This is our life right now, complete and utter chaos.  We did finally get the couch turned right-side-up and the recliners put into position so that is calming me down a bit.

 We feel as though we've taken 5 steps back from the pretty house with the new floors to a war zone that a tornado ripped through.

I've been working on getting the cabinets painted so we can put the kitchen together.  That will get rid of practically a 1/3 of our boxes.  Those should be done by the end of the week.  We will also be ordering carpet for the upstairs *fingers crossed* this week so then we can finally start moving things upstairs.  We didn't want to move anything up there besides our mattress to simply move it all back down a couple weeks later so the carpet could be installed.  Work smarter not harder.

Our front porch currently looks like a furniture graveyard and our garage looks like an episode of 'Hoarders' so we are BEYOND ready to get this house put together.

We did take a break from the madness last night to watch a movie and eat something besides pizza.  Joe said he wanted a night to 'do nothing but lay on the couch', so we did.  We have realized that if we need a break, we've got to take it or we're going to get burned out REAL quick.

So while we are feeling stuck in the verse "When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad", we are looking forward to enjoying our favorite things in our someday beautiful home.

Until next time,
NoDak Newlyweds

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