Friday, September 12, 2014

Get up! It's GameDay!

Friday you little stinker, I’ve been looking all week for you! 

We are closing out our third week of school here and if the first three have been any indication of how the next 34 will go…well, I’m going to have to buy a bigger coffee mug.  Last school year seemed to FLY by.  Everyone said it; teachers, kids, parents, but now this year everyone is saying how they just seem…busier, how life just seems chaotic.  Is it summer yet?


I’m a tad more excited for this weekend than usual, though.  If you live anywhere near North Dakota, or if you watch ESPN, or if you have a husband who hogs the TV from the moment he gets home and constantly flips between ESPN and football you may have seen that College GameDay is coming to Fargo…again…for the 2nd year…consecutively.  GO BISON!

One of our three major colleges (and undoubtedly the best…sorry I’m not sorry…it’s in my blood) here is North Dakota State University; NDSU- home of the Bison.  Pronounced B-I-Z-U-N. Don’t get that wrong…we’ve tipped people’s cows for less.  

In Fargo, North Dakota we do three things really well: farming, friendliness, and Bison football.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find more devoted fans than those of us cheering for the Green and Gold…and no, we’re not talking Packers here…yuck.  We are back-to-back-to-back National Champions and have started to turn some serious heads in the football world.  

The whole production rolled into town earlier this week and in true Fargo fashion, the town welcomed them with signs, cheers, and painted faces while flanking Broadway leading the parade of trucks and busses to their destination in downtown Fargo.

The hubster and I didn’t go back to Fargo last year to head downtown for the whole shebang and while we had a lot of fun watching it here at home with friends, I always kind of regretted not going.  BUT in an amazing twist of fate, GameDay is back this year and by golly I’m not gonna miss it this time.  I’m a bit bummed that Joe can’t come with as he’s got a bachelor party this weekend.  I’m sure he’ll just be having no fun at all with his buddies…right. 


A group of us are meeting at a buddy’s house at 5:30 Saturday morning (we’ll see if I make it there that early) for breakfast and Bailey’s and then are going to head downtown for the filming of GameDay.  After that’s all done we will head over to tailgating which is a BLAST and then somewhere to watch the game.  Alas, we don’t have tickets to get into the actual game (they’re like finding the Golden Ticket, and if you find one you’ll be paying for it as if it were actual gold) but the town will be such a buzz the whole day that we’ll have plenty of fun outside the game.

I hope you all have a fun weekend…even though I know I’m going to be having more fun than you ;)


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