Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cold and Chaotic

I'm sitting directly in front our infrared heater as I type this trying to keep my fingers mobile.  It currently feels like 64 degrees BELOW zero where we are in the Frozen Tundra.  School has even been cancelled due to the weather.  I've lived in North Dakota my entire life but these temperatures still blow my mind.  Since we are currently still in our rental before the floors are down in OUR house we are paying to heat 2 houses in some of the coldest weather we've had in awhile.  It's awesome...even more awesome is the fact that we have the 2 most expensive ways to heat a house; propane and fuel oil.  wooohoooo!  Joe recommended building a fire in the middle of the living room to keep warm but then decided we didn't want our clothes to smell like campfire so that idea was ixnayed. 

I haven't posted anything for a few days because there really hasn't been any action at the house, other than this happened today...

Joe and his aching back accomplished that today.  He also took out the last little bit of flooring that was still infesting the kitchen and it is all officially GONE  ♪♪ Hit the road, Jack, and don'tcha come back.♪♪  Boy are we happy that stuff is gone and that project is over with!  

The contractor is set to start tomorrow so now some progress will really start to show.  He is going to start with the dry walling of the dining room tomorrow, finishing up the walls and furring them.

Furring is the preparation of a wall, ceiling, or floor with strips of wood or metal to provide a level surface for drywall, flooring, or another surface.  Our kitchen wall that butts up to the dining room wall is about an inch further out so the dining room wall must be 'furred'.  Here is a pic to help explain...

Other than that we don't have much to report on.  The effects of living in 2 different locations is starting to wear on us, though.  I feel like both houses are in a constant state of chaos and post-tornado like conditions.  Hindsight is always 20-20 so I'm now realizing that we probably shouldn't have packed up all but 2 random mug-night mugs and some paper plates in the kitchen.  We've mastered the art of dumping whatever may be left in the fridge into a skillet and calling it 'dinner'...we also make a mean frozen pizza.

If you're in the area drop on by for what's sure to be an interesting dinner...we promise to turn the heat up for you.

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