Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Q: Can your blisters get blisters? A: YES

Remember when I mentioned that we were going to be doing some new sheetrocking?  In order to do that, we had to take the wall covering that was there.  The previous owners were going for a very country cabin feeling in the house, which is all good and fine but it did NOT fit the style of this 1930's house.  The rest of the house has all the original beautiful woodwork and then BAM, new knotty pine.  See what I mean...

It had to go.  To save our contractor some time (and save us money) We removed the pine paneling and the awful hackjob of a decorative framing that was put around the big opening between the dining room and living room ourselves.  Well, Joe removed it.  But while Joe was doing that I had the extremely fun awful job of removing the multiple layers of bad laminate, plywood, and linoleum that was in the kitchen.  This was BY FAR one of the worst jobs I have ever done.  If any of my friends need help doing this in their own  homes in the future....sorry, call someone else.  We saved a lot of money doing it ourselves and it will be worth it once our new flooring is in there but WOW was it hard work.  I am convinced that whoever laid these used at least double the amount of necessary adhesive. 
It took me an entire day to take up the old laminate, unscrew the plywood that was under that, and then rip out 2 layers of linoleum in 2/3 of the kitchen.  I'll tackle the other 1/3 when I can move my hands again and the blisters ON my blisters go away.

These are the 2 gorgeous linoleum options I found under the plywood.  Kinda thinking we should just keep one of them, don't you!? :)

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